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Nintendo reports surprise profits, thanks to Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 video game for Nintendo is selling like hot cakes and is the reason behind Nintendo’s success in this quarter. The boosting demands also revived the Wii U console from the Japanese maker. The new game is in high demand and the second financial quarter reported a profit worth 9.3 billion yen.mario-kart-8-wii-u

The product range was receiving hefty losses since its launch, but this game has seemed to turn things around for them. The analysts had predicted a quarter worth 3 billion yen loss, but Mario Kart 8 has steered Nintendo to profit.

Nintendo’s Chief Executive Iwata said in a statement:

“This year is different to last year, when we headed into the year-end without momentum or good software prospectsThe goal is fully achievable.”

The home console Wii U sales have also increased in 2014. Reports show that the numbers are almost double than the previous year. Launching Mario Kart 8 globally is termed as the success factor behind this tremendous growth of an otherwise failing operation.

Nintendo, who was receiving tough competition from leading home console makers Sony and Microsoft, is charged up for the holiday season ahead. The plan is to focus on steady growth and increase sales in the upcoming quarter as well. Nintendo will launch new titles in the holiday season and also release Mario Kart 8 multiplayer titles to boost the sales further.

Wii U, which sold around 1.1 million units, is expected to earn more profits. The company is also releasing more attractive content such as big games for Wii U. They have seen the sales rise because of a game that people loved.

The sales were higher in U.S. And Europe, but the company also gives credit to a cheaper yen. For all of you keen to try out, Nintendo is coming out with titles like Splatoon, Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles X and you are even going to take Mario for a race.

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