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Uber banned in Nevada on its launch day

Nevada has not been a good experience for Uber till now. On the other hand, Uber has not been in Nevada for long either. Uber, one of the leading ride sharing services was launched in Nevada, USA on Friday. But by the end of the day, Uber had probably seen a bit too much of Nevada. It was in the evening that the District Court Judge of Nevada, James Russel decided that it was already time for the ride sharing servicve to stop its services in the state. The judgement has come down as a shock not only to Uber but also to many people who were looking forward to experience Uber as well.Uber banned in Nevada on its launching day

According to the reports, the District Court Judge James Russell issued the judgement, banning Uber from officiating till November 7th. The consideration was done at the request of Nevada State Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, as it was felt that Uber was not following the Taxicab regulations of the state of Nevada.

Although this is not the first time when Uber and similar other ride sharing services have been accused of not following the general rules and regulations. Uber, especially has run into many controversies all across the world. Most of the states of the United State have asked Uber to make changes in their policies if they wish to continue operating their services. But the temporary ban in Nevada is probably the quickest legal action taken against any service.

The ride sharing service will be facing a temporary ban in the state of Nevada till November 7th. The district court will impart a final decision about what will happen next after the hearing on November 6th.

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