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Defective Takata airbags, puts NHTSA in troubled grounds

The recall of 14 million cars is not going well for Takata Corporation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as well. The defective airbags of Takata Corporation are the cause of the largest recall of the year 2014. The few deaths involving the defective airbags have the issue even worse as various other security organizations are now raising various questions from across the globe. NHTSA has found itself in deep trouble as questions are being asked about the role played by NHTSA in regard to the complaints registered.Defective Takata airbags, puts NHTSA in troubled grounds

The main reason which NHTSA will find things a bit more difficult to handle is because this is not the first instance of such defects. Reports had been filed about sharp objects flying out of the inflated airbags, but the issue was not handled seriously then. The role played by NHTSA in the issue related to airbags will be presided over by Congressman Fred Upton.

Department of Transportation is looking into this recall and is trying to find out what led to more than 30 million recalls. The Japanese maker and top selling automobile brands have been at fault as the models from 2002 to 2007 are having defective airbags.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is one of the most important organizations of the United States. According to the experts, this is going to be a very tough phase for NHTSA under deputy administrator David Friedman. It is not such that the NHTSA has not payed any attention in this regard. Since the announcement of recall of approximately 14 million cars spread across 11 car makers, the NHTSA website has been dedicated to inform the car owners the information and the things to be done.

The experts believe that both Takata Corporation and NHTSA could have acted earlier to avoid such a situation. On the other hand, some believe that the number of recalled cars ,will only rise, which will in turn add to the woes.

Analysts are worried as it would take years to fix the airbags. Takata controls 30% of the airbag market and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has already instructed companies to replace the faulty airbags. But Takata Corp. cannot supply as many bags the companies require to minimize the recalls. However, Toyota and other automakers are trying to temporarily fix the defective airbags by disabling them and adding a warning.

According to the reports, defective Takata Airbags has officially killed 3 individuals already. More than 14 million vehicles ranging across 11 car makers have been recalled around the world. Till date, the ignition defect with GM was responsible for the largest single recall made this year.

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