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Takata Corp. Under US Administration’s Review

The year 2014 recorded the highest number of automobile recalls in the U.S., where many of the country’s top Auto makers are at fault to provide quality vehicles. The airbag issue has led to an administrative review of the makers as well as the airbag manufacturer Takata.inflated-takata-airbag

Department of Transportation is looking into this recall and is trying to find out what led to more than 30 million recalls. The Japanese maker and top selling automobile brands have been at fault as the models from 2002 to 2007 are having defective airbags.

Takata’s airbag issue is becoming a nightmare for both dealers and government officials. Finding out a solution for this big number of automobiles is a tricky situation. The Japanese manufacturer’s airbags are faulty and are bursting in humid climates, causing injuries and even 4 deaths.

The airbags continue to cause problems and the safety regulators are worried as the explosion of airbags causes sharpnels to hit and hurt the occupants in the car or truck. The committee working on this issue have notified both Takata Corp. and all the 10 auto makers. The details of this hearing will not be made public until the whole issue is sorted.

Analysts are worried as it would take years to fix the airbags. Takata controls 30% of the airbag market and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has already instructed companies to replace the faulty airbags. But Takata Corp. cannot supply as many bags the companies require to minimize the recalls. However, Toyota and other automakers are trying to temporarily fix the defective airbags by disabling them and adding a warning.

Most focus is on fixing the recalls and correcting the issue in the humid areas. Regulators have already urged the Japanese manufacturer to boost production and supply airbags in large numbers to the U.S. Auto makers. Everybody is hoping to get out of this crisis and U.S. Government is also announcing a new auto-safety chief.

According to the reports, defective Takata Airbags has officially killed 3 individuals already. More than 14 million vehicles ranging across 11 car makers have been recalled around the world. Till date, the ignition defect with GM was responsible for the largest single recall made this year.

According to the NHTSA, Honda and Takata had not made any reports of a defect until 2011, when a company is liable to report a defect within 5 days. This has created ripples among the car owners. On the other hand, if the NHTSA digs deep into the issue, Takata might find itself into some trouble as well. As of for now, the 14 million vehicles will be taken care of in order to avoid further incidents.

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