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Amazon Fire TV gets bigger and better with over 600 apps and games

Amazon Fire TV can now be easily termed as one of the leading services with more than 600 applications and games at service for its users. The official announcement made by Amazon puts it in among the leaders in the sector with one of the best customer satisfaction record. To be very precise, Amazon Fire TV service was initiated in the United States only back in the month of April with a meager 200 applications and games to choose from for the users. In the just few months, Amazon Fire TV has climbed through the ladder rapidly in the middle of a stiff competition. amazon-fire-tv

According to the experts, one of the major reasons for the success that Amazon Fire TV has accumulated is primarily due to the games that it provides. It was revealed in a survey that Amazon has, to a certain extent built its own gaming community which is good going for a particular young service. In addition, the partnership with Amazon with major small game developers has allowed the Amazon Fire TV to provide exclusive games adding to the success.

Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Amazon Appstore, said in a statement:

“We continue to hear from customers how much they love the selection available to them on their Amazon Fire TV. In just over six months we’ve tripled the catalog and we’re adding new customer favorites on a weekly basis. We also hear from customers how much they love playing games on their TV—9 of the top 10 grossing apps on Fire TV are games—so we continue to work with game developers and add the most popular game content. Dungeon Quest, Spoiler Alert, Leo’s Fortune and Ninja Hero Cats, are some of the new games recently launched on Fire TV, and, coming soon, NBA 2K15.”

In a statement made by the CEO of a game developer, the tie up with Amazon has been extremely profitable for them as well. It is believed that there is a completely different gaming world beyond the smartphones. Amazon Fire TV has provided the right grounds for such game developers to thrive upon.

Games are a mode of relaxation and its availability should not be limited to smartphones only. The developers working with Amazon Fire TV firmly believe that Amazon Fire TV will be able to take the next big step very soon.

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