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Deezer acquires podcast and radio show app Stitcher

Deezer a music streaming service has acquired Stitcher, a podcast and ‘talk radio show’ app on iOS and Android platforms. The acquisition will give the company access to  a library of more than 35,000 radio shows and podcasts.deezer-stitcher


The acquisition will help Deezer expand its library by offering the talk shows through its service. Though Stitcher has about 1 million active users when compared to Deezer’s 16 million the app has a range of content from The American Life, NBC, BBC shows and others including radio content from more than 12,000 providers. The company announced that users can still access Stitcher’s content through iOS and Android apps. The company future plans include integration of Stitcher’s content with Deezer’s platform that will be offered as a free service.

Tyler Goldman, Deezer’s U.S CEO said in an interview:

“We were working on Talk already for some time and so Stitcher will help accelerate those efforts. Deezer is already with a number of auto players, but Stitcher has even more. We believe that car manufacturers are looking for a complete solution, more content and global reach.”

Stitcher has also entered into the car audio market and Deezer can further increase its business. The podcast service already integrated in leading car models like BMW, Ford Motors, General Motors, Ford Mazda and partnered with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Goldman hopes to provide an all-in-one solution with the help of the acquisition as car manufacturers are looking for “complete solution, more content and global reach”. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Paris-raised Deezer raised $130 million in funding from Warner Music Controller Access Industries  and has been growing in the streaming services and the digital music market. The company has plans to move into the US and compete with Spotify and will focus on more partnerships to expand its business. However the company has not announced the date when the talk shows will appear on Deezer though the CEO hinted that the company was already working on it and might be released in the coming days.

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