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GTA San Andreas available for only $3.99 – iOS, Android, Xbox and PlayStation

GTA series has entertained one and all for a long time. GTA: San Andreas is in fact celebrating its decade accomplishment in the market. The game is now on sale and is available for only a sum of $3.99. This is no less than great news for the fans who could spend a fortune to buy this eccentric game. Update: Xbox 360 users can buy this game for $3.74 only.gta-san-andreas-gameplay-screenshot

It is mind boggling to think that the game was launched 10 years ago and it still feels so fresh. There is simply no doubt in claiming GTA: San Andreas to be one of the best games ever. Since it is now available for sale, fans had lined up to buy their favorite game for such a reasonable price.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had been released on the PS2 platform 10 years ago and it is still ranked high among the gamers. GTA: San Andreas had pushed the excellence of PS2 to great heights. The game actually changed the fortunes of PS2 platform. It was certainly a treat to play the game on the PS2.

GTA: San Andreas hits the Apple Store last year and the users have been relishing every minute of the game. It seems like a Deja-Vu of the time when people went crazy about GTA: San Andreas and it resulted in a million copies being sold in a matter of days.

For four bucks, GTA: San Andreas is certainly a steal deal for the fans. It is really hard to imagine this particular game being so cheap. If you had ever fancied playing this game, this is the chance to grab a copy of it because it is quite hard to imagine that it would get cheaper than this.

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