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Gamergate has crossed the limits, turned to women harassment

If you are a passionate gamer, you might have heard of the term Gamergate. It has made a huge buzz in the gaming market for over a month now. When it started getting popular, people thought of it as a bizarre and silly idea. However, the media have been paying immense attention to it and the gamers are vying to have expert’s take on it.GAMERGATE

Gamergate has evolved into a platform with death threats and sexism. It began as “the ethical corruption of video game journalism” but with each day, it is taking a horrid shape.

The experts are concerned about the fact that the media is actually employing the connections in the gaming world in order to make the ideas of feminism and racism viral on the web. They are also trying to promote the games developed by them in a very unethical way.

It all started with an outrageous post by Eron Gonji who declared that the girl that he loves has slept with a freelance game reporter for getting positive press. This was the moment when a big social network fight between men and women started inflicting fire in the media.

Post this scenario, Anita Sarkeesian who is also a feminist and a critic posted a video on YouTube with the title, “Tropes Vs. Women In Games”. This video talked about how women are portrayed in the recent games. She debated that the female characters in video games are the ones having a big bust and other horrid features and are in no way able to compete with their male counterpart characters.

Sarkeesian was to deliver a speech at the Utah State University but prior to that, she received death threats. These death threats conferred that if she gave a speech in the school, it would be the most dreadful shooting in the school that ever happened. Hence, Sarkeesian cancelled the scheduled event.

Gamergate started as a small community fight, but it has evolved into something dreadful and uncontrollable virus. The advertisers are also scared of this whole thing.

Bias journalism would only affect the existing situation and the growth of GamerGate shall be paused in order to avoid any further damages. Games are games and they shall be enjoyed, no matter what the developer tries to portray it.

We sincerely hope that the GamerGate movement would halt for some time in order to stabilize the current situation.

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