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Some Apple iPhone 6 Plus owners report crashes of apps and reboots

Apple iPhone 6 Plus has been constantly reported for continuous crashes and also in reboot loop, which results in taking it to Apple service centers. Most of the devices are swapping for a new unit and few owners got their fourth replacement iPhone 6 Plus.apple-iphone-6-plus

Same identical crashes have been reported in the Apple Support forum and a single thread regarding this issue has been crossed more than 9K views. The exact reason for the issue has not been identified till now, the users are constantly posting threads in the Support forum. Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB got affected to the extreme, the device starts by entering into reboot loops.

Primarily, it was considered that the application restored from previous iPhone may lead to crashes due to incompatible app settings. But, after restoring the device as new, the same problem existed. People around this globe has taken their iPhone 6 Plus to the Apple store for assessments and in few devices, non functional units has been exchanged. The rest of them are asked to hold their device and their repair ticket has been escalated to tech supports.

Till now, some users have solved the issue by restoring their device as new and manually installing the applications one-by-one, that are previously purchased. But, this process will consume more time and doesn’t provide a surefire solution for the crashing issue. Few people have reported that, after a few minutes of manually installing applications, the device again enters into the crash cycle.

Click here to read the thread in the Apple Discussion Forum.

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