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Ebola Virus used as a bait by hackers to spread malware through fake emails

Ebola has already caused a lot of scares in the African nations as well as in the other countries of the world. The Ebola virus has accounted for a lot of deaths in African nations as the number of the affected people is still on the rise. In such circumstance, people all over the world will surely be interested in all the information that they can get on this deadly virus. This is where the security is getting shattered. In an extreme ironic event, hackers are sending links to different e-mails showing as if the mail contains important information about the Ebola Virus.Ebola Virus used as a bait by hackers

To be precise, the email sent will look like a one sent by the World Health Organization, containing important information about the much feared Ebola virus. The users will be tempted with the so called prevention tips and information. The hackers are using this fear and curiosity of the people and planting a link in their emails, which when clicked on will implant a Malware on your system making your system vulnerable.

Once the Virus is installed in your system, your passwords, data will be under the radar of getting hacked or stolen by the hackers. The good thing about the event is that the experts are yet to confirm this as a full time campaign. But considering the recent leaks of user ids and passwords of various social media platforms, the officials have decided to warn the users well ahead of time of such dodgy emails. According to the experts, the best way to stay safe is to keep your security system updated and prevent clicking on any similar emails.

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