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US District Judge bans Aereo from relaying TV shows

Aereo user will no longer be able to see TV shows from now on as the United States District Judge Alison Nathan has passed a verdict in accordance. Aereo used small antennas to relay TV shows to its users, which were copyrighted by others.US District Judge bans Aereo from relaying TV shows

The Supreme Court on the other hand had said quite a long time back that  Aereo violates law by relaying the copyrighted TV shows. Aereo was still relaying the shows as no judge had passed an order banning the operation. Now, when the United States District Judge has passed on a temporary ban on relaying the shows, Aereo users might just be in trouble.

Aereo streams Live events or nearly live events for its customers at just $8 per month. With the service provided by Aereo, the customers can watch the streaming of various events on their PC, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. The streaming is done via a small antenna which is used to stream the TV shows and a DVR for storing the recordings for viewing it later. The situation is pretty much worse for Aereo as this could very well lead to the extinction of the company itself.

According to the judgement passed by the United States District Judge, Aereo will not be able to provide the services of a cable provider even if it wishes to do so. With the Temporary ban in place, Aereo will be watching out for the final decision which is due. No other service providers have made an official statement with regard to ban on Aereo.

Here is the full Aereo Injunction Memo:

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