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Valve lets Steam users to share games with friends & family – How to get this?

Valve, which is known for Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike Half Life and Portal games is planning to reveal a new feature to it’s Steam users, which will allow the users to share their games with their close friends and family by simply sharing their computers.


With this “Family Sharing” initiative, users can share their games with upto 10 devices. And the other 10 users, if shared, can play the games with their own in-game achievements and also can save the games. This feature will be rolled out in Beta for small number of users in the mid-September, said Valve.

How to Play the games of your friends on Steam?

With this Family Sharing feature, if enabled, you can send your friend a request to authorize your computer and if given access, you can access his installed games and play with your own game saves and in-game achievements. Only Steam games could be given access to play ad both users should be the Steam users.

In order to get the early access to the Beta Sharing feature, you should post interest on the community forum. If you are lucky out of thousands of accounts, you might get access to share your games library with your friends.

This sharing service launched is the response to the direct users requests since long times, said Valve spokeswoman Anna Sweet. This additional feature to launch by Valve is somewhat similar to that of Microsoft’s plan to reveal with Xbox One. Although Microsoft has withdrawn this idea, it also hinted to return with the same idea in near future.

For more information and frequently asked questions, visit the official announcement page.

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