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Mark Zuckerberg showed love to Chinese with his Mandarin speaking skills

It is known that to love people have to tackle many obstacles and difficulties. Love strikes everybody, even a billion dollar company CEO. Mark Zuckerberg, who is married to Priscilla Chan of Chinese descent, started learning Mandarin in order to enjoy visiting China with her. Recently on his visit to Beijing he conversed in Mandarin for about 30 minutes. The language was clear for a foreigner speaking it as Mark was able to handle the Q and A section very well. (Check the video embedded below)mark-zuckerberg-china

Mark started learning Mandarin in 2010. He could easily ask questions and respond to them. The wit and humor made both students and professors applaud him and pleased them beyond anything. Both Zuck and Tsinghua University posted the videos of the session on YouTube that made the whole world laugh.

The language was a challenge to learn he accepts, but he also told that it was worth the effort. His pronunciation is a bit odd, but the unexpected charm made everyone joyful. The entrepreneur in him took it as a challenge and practiced diligently in all the spare time he got. For a man who is running the number one social network in the world and spreading internet across the world through Internet.org, it is a great gesture. Tell us many things about his personality.

Facebook is not the reason for his visit as the site has been banned in China since 2009. Also, he was not there for any personal visit that involved conversing in Chinese. Rather Mark was there because he was appointed the member of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management’s advisory board. Though he was not fluent, but his level of expertise is higher than intermediate. With connections to China he will be able to achieve more fluency and advanced level expertise for sure.

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