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Cloud services and Surface Pro 3 lifted Microsoft’s revenue to $23.2B

Microsoft has announced that its fiscal Q1 revenue hiked to $23.2 billion due to the strong momentum in its cloud services. Analysts expected that the Microsoft will earn 49 cents per share, but the company said that it has earned almost 54 cents per share.microsoft

After the impact on Nokia division, Microsoft has gained a huge sum of revenue after restructuring its infrastructures. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced that the company had a good start in this fiscal year in a conference call.

Office 365 Home:

The Office 365 Home has obtained a revenue growth over 47% to $10.96 billion and in addition to this, Office 365 Home and Personal has a total subscriber of 7 million and it has been increased more than 25% while compared to the previous quarter.

The all new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has brought a new magic to the Microsoft and brought revenue of $908 million for Microsoft. The cloud revenue has increased by 128% and it is mainly driven by Office 365 Home and company Azure cloud platform.

Modest Lumia Sales:

Beating Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhones, Lumia has sold almost 9.3 million Lumia Smartphones in the Europe countries.

IDC analyst Al Hilwa mentioned this as

much better quarter for Microsoft than many expected.” “Multiple parts of the business appear to be doing really well,” he said, while calling the overall mobile strategy “still a work in progress.”

Talking about the so called failure with the acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft is already looking into the issue. The rumors of renaming Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia seems to be the first step. With better results in the last quarter, Microsoft Corporation will look forward to carry it through.

According to the statement issues by Microsoft Corporation, the company gathered up a revenue of $23.20 billion till 30th September. The Operating income, Gross Margin and the diluted earnings per share were $5.84 billion, $14.93 billion and $0.54 per share. On the other hand, when Microsoft Corporation is entering better days comparatively, its competitors like IBM, HP, etc. are facing a downhill slope. In addition, this is the first time since June 2013, when Microsoft’s market value has crossed that of Google Inc.

  1. The sales of Surface Pro 3 resulted in a revenue of approximately $900 million.
  2. With more that 7 million subscriptions from Office 365 played a major role in the rise in revenue for Microsoft.
  3. 2.4 million Xbox gaming consoles were sold, growing at a rate of 102% in more that 28 new markets as well.

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