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Apple Pay in its first week, received mixed reviews

Apple Pay has been generating a huge buzz in the market arena and hence, many people are following its progress and reviews after the first week of its arrival. The mobile payment system is being met with some mixed response. Some of the companies have given the payment service a five star rating, but a few of the consumers have complained about them being double charged by the service.apple-pay-website

Bank of America has had the major problem with Apple Pay. 1000 of its customers were double charged through the service. The bank gave its customers an opportunity to load their bank credit on Apple Pay software, but they have been charged a lot, as found in the online bank statements.

Tara Burke, the spokeswoman for Bank of America apologized and said, “We apologize for the inconvenience and are correcting this immediately”. Bank of America has faced a major problem as it can wash hands with its permanent customers due to it. However, the other banks have not reported any complaint about the Apple pay service.

The Chase general manager of mobile payments, Tom O’Brien stated, “On our first day we put seven times more cards in the Apple wallet than we issued new plastic accounts.” He added that Chase has worked together with Cupertino on the Apple Pay software development kit with the help of its Paymentech development center. It helped to eliminate the problems companies were facing on the front end.

Apple Inc. has given a belief to the people that its payment service is reliable, simple, and secure and hassle free, but the payment platform has suffered various problems so far. The double charge fact would definitely come in the way of Apple payment service. However, the merchants have started training their staff on Apple Pay, in order to avoid any sort of discrepancy in the service.

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