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Reading Mails Becomes Easier with Google Inbox

If you are running a business entity or anything similar, you must have experienced that managing all those emails on the phone can be a tiresome task. Therefore, Google has come up with a solution in the name of Google Inbox. Using this app, the user can redefine the experience of reading mails in your inbox.google-inbox-gmail

The management of mails becomes easier through the beautiful and easy to use interface in Google Inbox. The emails can be well sorted pertaining to the subject, the importance levels and in case you want to return to a certain point or not. It advocates the use of reminders and speed dial email, making it faster and more efficient for the user to check his mails.

The only shortcoming with Google Inbox is that its “invite only” app. You will thus have to wait before using it. Google has already started the work of sending invites to several users and you can register yourself on the waiting list by sending an email to inbox@google.com.

Now, we will discuss in detail how Google Inbox works and what its pivotal features are:

1. Bundles: The best part about Google Inbox is that it sorts the mail into bundles that are aligned to the subject. Hence, the tickets that you have booked would show up in the travel column, bank statements would go to the Finance column and Facebook reminders into the Social column. Gmail already provides such a service, but Google Inbox is an extension to the service. Moreover, the user is enabled to create his own bundles according to the need of the hour.

2. Highlights: The usual mailbox showcases only the subject and no extra info, but in case of Google Inbox, the user will be able to look at things like, Google Now Cards, showing attachments, specific info, app and company logos and much more. The one with flights is the most interesting where you can simply tap on the card and all the flight info along with emails from the airline pop up.

3. Reminders and Sweep: Adding reminders in Google Inbox is an easy trick. The Google Now reminders can also be imported from the app. Swiping on any of the reminder can help you mark it done. Inbox cleaning is also an easy option with Google Inbox.


4. Assists: Assistance is the key to Google Inbox’s expertise. It helps the user to make the process of calling or mailing a hassle free process. For example, you have put a reminder to call your mum; the system will provide you with her number so that it is easier for you to call straight from the mail box.

5. Snooze: Snooze option keeps the reminders and scheduled messages at bay. However, you will be reminded of them all later in the day.

6. Pin: You can easily pin the messages that are deemed important to you. It is as easy as that through the Google Inbox.

The majority of the features that is present in Google’s Inbox app work without any hassles and they can also be spotted in the Gmail app. The hefty difference between the Gmail app and Google Inbox is the clean and simple interface the latter possesses. We will have to wait and see how people respond to this incredible app.

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