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Moto 360 software update brings enhanced battery life, Mood Lighting and more

Moto 360 is a great smartwatch but an ample of complaints had been registered to it on part of its battery life. Hence, Motorola has come up with an update that will enhance the battery life of the watch further. Initially, the battery life of Moto 360 stayed until 10-12 hours but it has drastically increased to 13 to 15 hours, which is a phenomenal update to say the least.android-wear-moto-360-close-up-578-80

The company has optimized the firmware and battery performance of Moto 360 to a huge extent. The new update has also enabled a feature with which the user can disable Ambient mode once the smartwatch’s battery goes 15 percent in survival. Hence, the ambient mode makes sure the battery runs for a little longer.

Although the company has not left any stone behind when it comes to improving the battery life of the smartwatch but we are still far from realizing that smartwatches can run their battery for more than a day or two between the charging times.

There are some other features that have been added to the smartwatch through the update. The smartwatch will be able to easily synchronize with the smartphone in order to ensure the timekeeping’s accurateness. The Mood Lighting feature has also been infused which is responsible for adjusting the brightness of the screen. Internal modifications have also taken place in the smartwatch.

The company has announced that the latest update will go out in the market in the form of waves. Hence, you should not be concerned about your Moto 360 not to have received the readiness for the update soon.

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