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Indian Air Force (IAF) issues warning against Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi has been accused by the Indian Air Force (IAF) of being a threat to national security and has warned officers and their families to stop using the Chinese phones. The smartphones have been increasing in demand with the flash-sales and the company has a zero-advertising expenditure in the country.


The IAF issued the warning after receiving information from the Indian Computer Response Team and also stated that Xiaomi phone were sending data to servers in China. Recently, the Indian Army also issued alerts for usage of Chinese based applications that might be used for tracking and monitoring people working in defense, government, research and others.

However, it has not been confirmed if the reports were on the basis of internal testing or were sourced from third-party reports. According to the New Indian Express, the IAF warning note stated that F-secure, a security solutions company had tested Redmi 1s, the company’s budget smartphone, which revealed that IMEI number, phone number, text messages and contacts lists were sent to a server in China.

The note further adds that the smartphone is designed in a way to automatically connect with an IP based in China. Xiaomi is also under investigation in Taiwan after allegations of security leaks and a decision will be taken in three months.

The Chinese government is likely to be involved as the IP address range 42.62..48.0- points to a website www.cnnic.com. CNNIC, an administrative agency for internal affairs, comes under the Ministry of Information industry of the People’s Republic of China. Xiaomi is yet to comment on the issue. The company has become popular in a short period of time and has a huge market demand as more than 2,50,000 units have been sold so far. If the allegations against the Chinese company are proved, it will certainly affect the sales of smartphones worldwide.

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