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Firegate: Apple iPhone 6 Bent and caught on fire in a rickshaw accident

A bent iPhone 6 reportedly caught fire and caused first degree burns to entrepreneur from the US Philip Lecther, who was riding in a rickshaw with his family. The driver lost his balance after the rickshaw picked up a trolley from the road leading to an accident.iphone-6-burns-mans-leg

The vehicle eventually tipped over leaving Lecther, wife and son “half on, half off” without being completely flipped over. After checking over his wife and son, he noticed a burning smell and smoke from his jeans as the phone had caught fire. In his blog post, Lecther mentioned that his legs suffered burns after the fire burned through his boxers. The phone was eventually removed, which burned his hip and the leather case in the phone prevented him from further burning his fingers.

“The smell was disturbing. I could feel my leg burning,” said Lecther.

The doctors report mentioned first degree burns measuring 11.5cm x 10.5cm and first degree burns in the surrounding area. The fire from his jeans was put out by a cup of water thrown by a person from the crowd. Lecther was travelling to the University of Arizona in Tuscon.The burn will require cleanliness, antibiotics and pain management for the healing process, he added. He posted a video of the bent and burnt iPhone 6 along with photos of the device and the burns on the leg.


Lecther feels that the intense pressure on the battery during the accident must have caused the fire and more bend was created while removing the leather case. There have been many reports of lithium-ion batteries in smartphones catching fire including the first iPhone and the iPhone 5c last year.

Check out the video:

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