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Will Google’s Chrome OS And Android Merge Up?

Google’s Android and Chrome OS are looking to merge and become a single platform. There were rumors before, and the experts were quite sure that something similar would pop up soon. The news has been buzzing up since the time Google unveiled its cloud operating system. The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin also admitted back in 2009 that Android and Chrome would coincide someday soon.google-android-chrome-os-merge

According to the Wall Street Journal, the merger is likely to happen, especially under the lights of the new management in the American company. The Vice President of Engineering at Google’s Android division, Hiroshi Lockheimer is given the responsibility of the Chrome engineering team now. Linus Upson was performing the role before this.

There is some synergy between the two platforms and it is clearly evident. It was the last month that Google brought out the first batch of Android apps, namely, Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words and Vine to the Cloud Operating system. App Runtime for Chrome helps these apps to run smoothly on Chrome which is a project recently announced at Google I/0 in June.

Google has shortlisted a certain group of Android developers now to add on favorite apps so that the user gets a seamless experience across both the platforms. However, experts are of the view that it is more of an “Androidification” than a merger. We will keep you posted about any further updates.

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