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Fitbit Surge “Superwatch” with inbuilt GPS to be priced at $250

Fitbit has been enjoying a huge popularity in the health market for some time now. It is now ready with its very new product Fitbit Surge, which is a fitness watch referred by the company as a “Superwatch”. The company is also looking to launch three more fitness trackers in the weeks to come.fitbit-surge

Fitbit Surge is aimed at serious athletes, something of the sort has never come out in the market before. Fitness Surge is the next step technology where the word “wearable technology” would deem a microscopic figure.

The next generation “ Superwatch” is priced at $249, and it would have an inbuilt GPS tracking system in it. For runners, it would be a great catch as it would also monitor the heart rate of the athlete through PurePulse technology. Fitbit Surge promises to provide the real time workout data for the athlete too, which would cover an ample of activities. The stats on distance, the pace, elevation climbed, heart rate intensity and other figures will easily be obtained using the gadget.

The Sleep Tracking feature would also be embedded in the Superwatch which is no less than cherry on the cake. The company expects the athlete to wear the watch constantly and hence, they have tried to embed the feature where the gadget would cover the 24*7 activities of the athlete. Calories burnt, floors climbed and active minutes can all be tracked using Fitbit Surge.

A vibrating alarm is an essential feature that is a part of Fitbit Surge along with other features. You can synchronize the watch wirelessly through the dedicated app and earn badges accordingly. The Superwatch seems to be immensely fun and we will have to wait and see when it is actually launched in the market and how it performs.

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