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Google enables Embedding of Google+ posts in other websites

Now, any users can embed the Google Plus posts on their blogs and any websites as you do for tweets to embed on blogs. You might have seen many twitter tweets being embedded on TheNextDigit blog as well as on similar other websites.

Similar to the above embedded post, any Google Plus users can embed any posts posted on Google + to their blogs and websites by selecting “Embed Post” tab from the menu (down arrow) on the upper right corner of posts. By clicking to it, you will get a code to copy, then paste into the desired blog/website, which will also includes the texts as well as the photos.

Today, Google also introduced the “author attribution”, which will let any user, who will login to the blogging platform with Google+ user credentials (currently rolled out to WordPress & Typepad) to show the Google+ Profile in Google search or any other related Google products, according to the blog post by Google. About.com, examiner.com and WikiHow will son get the author attribution integration soon, said Google.


Once after you embed the post on other site, it will be completely interactive post, where users can post comments, +1 a post or comment or follow the author right there and he should be logged in to the Google during the time.

This is somewhat same to what the Facebook has announced last month and Twitter has it since long time. This feature, provided by the social media websites will help journalists and bloggers to embed their important posts or any other’s important posts on their sites to show the source, enhance public engagement o such posts. Recently, Twitter announced the “Related Headlines“, which shows the related headlines in near tweet in Twitter, if the tweet is being embedded i other sites. However, not all tweets gets the headlines if embedded! What is your view on the Google+’s new integration of Embed Posts? – Tell us your views in comments. Don’t miss any TND updates, follow us on Google Plus.

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