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Michigan could ban direct sales of Tesla cars on Tuesday

Michigan is probably all set to become the latest state in the United States to ban Tesla from selling their vehicles directly to the consumers. Although there is no direct statement made against Tesla, but the statements indicate it for sure. According to the reports, the decision needs to be taken by Michigan’s State Governor Rick Snyder, whether car manufacturers can directly sell the cars to the consumers or not. The decision will be taken by Mr. Snyder by Tuesday and it will play a major part in the future steps to be taken by Tesla and other car manufacturers.tesla-store-michigan-us

It was earlier this month when the state legislature of the of Michigan passed by bill by which no car manufacturer can sell any models directly to their customers. This was a final hour amendment made to the bill before it was passed by the senate for the approval from the Governor. The battle between Tesla and the car dealers seem to have taken a complete political turn as bills are now being passed against the direct selling policies of Tesla.

The bill did not mention the name Tesla, but the words ‘California based electric car maker’ says it all. According to the experts, the addition of the bill was done silently such that Tesla does not have a chance to retaliate. The bill was passed on October 2nd and put forward to the Governor for approval.

The decision seems clearer to favor the car dealers and has left Tesla and other direct sellers in a real fix. Other states like New Jersey, Texas and Arizona have done the same thing to Tesla and others.

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