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Apple has Beats: Removes All Bose Products From Stores

Apple had a great relationship with Bose, which has come to an end last week. Bose products especially headphones and speakers were sold at Apple stores both online and offline. The sound quality and engineering of Bose kept it on the top of the audio industry and Apple loves combining innovative products to compliment their gadgets. Keeping this thing intact, Apple even acquired Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics to extend its audio strength.apple-bose

This sudden move to discontinue the relationship is shocking. Bose products were one of the leading sold items at Apple stores. But Apple has dropped the highly recognized brand worldwide without much ado. The reason for this maybe the lawsuit regarding noise cancellation patents for which Bose sued Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics (now a part of Apple). Both companies had to settle out of court and Bose had the advantage.

Apple no longer keeps Bose products means it might have bigger plans for Beats. Apple might have already started innovating with Beats and all the amazing technology they acquired with this deal.

Bose on the other hand have nothing to lose as the amazing products continue to sell on other eCommerce giants. The removal from Apple’s shelf meant the loss of actual customers Bose seeks. Apple keeps other competitive brands intact, but has taken action towards Bose only, maybe because it wants to avoid any further legal fallout.

Customers can grab Beats, which bring similar technology and trust of one of the best music producers in the world. The price range is also similar to Bose, so the company had nothing to worry about while slashing Bose.

Apple is just trying to establish a stronger territory for its own and keeping Bose out of that was essential for Beats to enjoy a wider market.

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