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Finally, Yahoo Updates Flickr For iPad/iOS8, Optimized For Retina Display

Flickr, one of the most used photo sharing social platform has updated its iOS application to the version 3.2. The Yahoo owned photo sharing social application has been updated to the 3.2 version in correspondence with the iPad. The updated Flickr brings in a complete optimization for the new features included in iPad.flickr-ipad

The current Flickr for iPad will allow the users to browse through the images at ease and at the same time maintaining the resolution of the images. In addition, the updated Flickr for iPad contains a complete camera suite for users along with various editing modes as well.

The updated Flickr comes with a new interface for iOS 8. The new extension will allow the users to share photos through various social media services like Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. According to a statement made by the official, the Fiickr application has been updated in accordance with the iPad.

The updated version of Flickr will be able to make the full use of the larger screen as well as the resolution. Currently, after the update, Flickr can display the images in extremely high resolution.


Flickr was not initially the way it is now. The application was redesigned under various aspects for the iPhone and iOS 8 earlier this year. The added features included high definition video recording and live filters. The changes were brought in the application’s iOS version after Yahoo acquired Flickr in the year 2013. Flickr is free for all iOS users and can be easily downloaded from the app store.

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