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Minecraft user spent two years building a virtual city [Video]

The building block video game Minecraft has been in the news because of a gamer. The gamer who spent 2 years creating a city in the video game. Duncan Parcells an art student played Minecraft on Xbox for two years and made a virtual world using 4.5 million Minecraft blocks. He has named the virtual world of blocks as Titan City.minecraft-game

The gamer turned artist as he took inspiration from New York and constructed 96 buildings in total. Two buildings like the World Trade Center towers have especially been build by the creator to show respect and tribute for the inspiration.

This started as Duncan’s personal project and he spent around five hours building this city for the past two years. Started with the Xbox 360 video game, Titan City is an outcome of sheer passion of just a 19 year old kid. The gamer’s creativity and hard work can’t be ignored from the face that he transferred the project to PC especially for more construction options.

Minecraft ensured him to continue his interest in architecture and helped him explore various artistic stuff, while designing this virtual world. Now he plans to add an airport and an energy outlet too. One look at this project and you will be mesmerized for sure.

Duncan told everyone following the Titan City thread on Reddit,”Hey man, don’t worry, I have a life other than this. I spent as much time on this as most game enthusiasts spend on their collections of games. I have a lot of friends and I go outside regularly. I also make music”

The next thing he is keen on doing is the interiors of the buildings and working on finishing the Xbox map.

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