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Daimler sold over 100000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans already

2014 have been phenomenal for Mercedes-Benz, the German manufacturer of luxury cars in terms of sales. The latest generation of S-Class from Mercedes has recorded 100,000 sales in this year alone. This is significantly higher from the previous years, both 2012 and 2013. The record breaking sales indicate that the sedan is extremely popular in its segment.mercedes-benz-s-class

Mercedes brought in a lot of changes in the W222 model with interior design, intelligent drive, business lounge, comfort and efficient technology. The feat achieved with first years sales alone, the model has proved to be a benchmark for Mercedes and its rivals. Hitting 100,000 sales in a single year and it is more than the combination of the preceded years for Mercedes-Benz.

The official press release from Mercedes-Benz said,

Never before have so many vehicles of the luxury sedan been delivered to customers in the first year of full availability. As such, to date this constitutes the most successful market launch of an S-Class.”

The company is glad that more than 50% of the sales come from China, where this sedan is hugely driven. Followed by United States and Germany (the homeland of Mercedes) being the other two top markets for S-Class.

The rate of sales for W222 is at its pace. For the model to become the best selling S-Class it needs to cross 500,000 sales. The company has planned to launch six different variants, like the current selling S-Class Coupe.

All new versions will follow the similar approach of a sedan with long-wheelbase that people have loved. Mercedes-Benz has already planned to showcase a Maybach, Cabriolet and Pullman versions in the Auto show coming up in November 2014.

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