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Sony launched PlayStation TV, priced at $100

Sony’s latest PlayStation console is a small yet an ultimate way to enjoy gaming. The Japanese electronic giant has put everything in a micro gaming console, which can easily bring you the playing experience you crave. The Playstation TV is the most inexpensive way to play games and stream other media for entertainment at home. The console connects to the TV and allows you to play Playstation games.sony-playstation-tv

The wireless console is quick to connect and you can get playful anytime you want. If you remember the hand-help Playstation Vita, this one is a similarly packed console, but for TV. Also the latest feature of PS4 that is Remote Play works well with PS TV. You can stream and play anywhere in your home with this feature and an internet connection. The console gives you access to the library filled with games, movies and music you can rent or buy. The Playstation Network gives you access to extremely fun-filled PS3 games and if you get subscription to Playstation Plus you get premium games to download every month.

A family entertainment package at $99 is nothing short of amazing. PlayStation TV touted as “The Universe of Playstation” is for your entire family as you can enjoy gaming as well as other media on your TV screen with the help of this wireless console. The official Sony Playstation site said,”PlayStation TV is an easy way for gamers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy playing games together.’

The value for money as well as exquisite gaming experience is the USP of Playstation TV. Buy it for a ride full of gaming and entertainment. In a situation where your living room has been occupied, it enables you to play games on a small screen or you can flexibly switch the TV in another room on and play the game with the help of PlayStation TV.

You need to make sure that the PS4 is turned on and the Remote Play technology with PSTV actually needs a network connection based on the wire. On this department, Microsoft does not possess any answer to it when it comes to Xbox One. The critics are hopeful that PlayStation TV will perform very well in the market.

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