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Kickstarter suspends controversial Anonabox, which pledged nearly $600k

The first week of initial crowd funding for Anonabox was like a fantasy sci-fi film, where more than half a million dollars were pledged by more than 7000 backers. But not all things were sunny for Anonabox as Germar’s project was suspended by Kickstarter. The crowd-funding platform gave an amazing start to Anonabox project launched last week. The router gave internet access without any censorship and barriers and claimed to take care of the security and privacy as well. August Germar started the funding campaign and was giving Anonabox router to backers who pledged a minimum of $45.anonabox-anonymous-router

The funding platform is strict with its regulations and Anonabox makers have not followed them. The initial amount of $7500 that Germar asked was nothing compared to the half a million funding it received. But getting suspended meant they are empty handed now. The platform’s norms clearly state that:

1) Offering purchased items and claiming to have made them yourself is prohibited on Kickstarter
2) Presenting someone else’s work as your own gets you suspended
3) Misrepresenting or failing to disclose relevant facts about the project or its creator.

But Anonabox was open-source and Germar told everybody that it was conceived in a bar with his friend from work. The experts at networks and ISP who took four years to perfect his useful device forgot to tell you that same device was already selling in China. ECommerce retailer and seller Alibaba lists the same item. This clearly led to the suspension and losing on the crowd-funding received by the project.

Kickstarter backers came forward to show their gratitude as the review done by the moderators uncovered Anonabox’s truth. The site reversed all the pledges made by the backers of the project. August Germar, might have to figure out another way to bring in the device to the world and produce it on a large scale. It may not be wrong to say, but the week long publicity will help.

The anti-censorship box Kickstarter campaign was started by August Germar on October 12 and it has raised more than half a million dollars in just 4 days. The original pledge was just $7500 but hackers and many others who loved the concept of the router have continued to pledge. The Kickstarter project of anonabox was backed by more than 9100 backers and had raised close to $600,000 through the campaign.

The video that is still streaming at Anonabox’s Kickstarter page:

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