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UK: ISPs ordered to block 6 websites over fake luxury goods sales

UK’s leading luxury brand, Cartier (Richemont) sued some eCommerce websites that sold imitated and fake products to the customers. The High court ruling is in the company’s favor and 6 ISP’s have been ordered to block those websites. The company’s trademark has been misused and many innocent consumers have been cheated. Sale of counterfeit goods online is a criminal offense and it needs to stop as soon as possible.richemont-cartier-uk

Six such websites in the name of Cartier luxury products were selling cheap replicas and duping the customers. The incident is first of its kind in entire Europe, but the courts have been efficient in diving in and providing the judgement in the favor of the brand. The High Court win gives the company an upper hand in the misuse of trademark battle. The leading ISP’s of the United Kingdon have to block all the websites selling such goods.

The ruling states:

The orders sought by Richemont contain a number of safeguards against abuse, including the following. First, they permit the ISPs to apply to the Court to discharge or vary the orders in the event of any material change of circumstances, including in respect of the costs, consequences for the parties and effectiveness of the blocking measures from time to time. Secondly, they permit the operators of the Target Websites to apply to the Court to discharge or vary the orders.

In order to safeguard the customers and keeping a check on such acts in future, the service providers have to enforce a ban and restrict access. Cartier watches and other luxury products were suffering from losses and the customers were constantly getting affected, because of the inferior quality sold on the websites. The parent firm Richemont incurred billions in losses and the 6 websites could have caused even more intangible damage in terms of reputation and business.

The official spokesperson said,”This case represents a positive step in the fight to protect brands and customers from the sale of counterfeit goods online.”

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