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Snapchat ads have officially arrived, ‘Ouija’ movie trailer is its first ad

Recent reports and statements from the Snapchat CEO confirmed us that Snapchat ads were on the way and now, they became true. Snapchat has started to show ads in the application, and ads will appear in the “Recent Updates” area.Snapchat-Logo-large

For a long period of time, Snapchat has been referred as “ad-free” social media company and it seems to be difficult to incorporate them for maintaining an ad-free services. This forces Snapchat to start to show various advertisements in its application.

Snapchat said,

“The best advertisements tell you more about stuff that actually interests you. Some companies spend a lot of time and collect a lot of data about you to figure that out. The product we’re releasing today is a lot simpler,” “An advertisement will appear in your Recent Updates from time to time, and you can choose if you want to watch it. No biggie. It goes away after you view it or within 24 hours, just like Stories.”

The interesting fact is that, the Snapchat ads won’t directly appear in the Stories, instead of that, the ads will be injected over “feature” section. The Snapchat clearly mentioned in its statement that the company need to make money, the advertising program will help them to achieve it.

Snapchat planned to unveil its new app called Snapchat Discovery, that allows the users to view news article, advertisements, TV, movie clips and etc.. Along with Snapchat ads, by selling goods and services, the Snapchat make more money.

The three-year old company has been under pressure to generate revenue after the valuation and business model will be integrated into the free app. The photo-sharing app has been popular among teen users who look for privacy. Snapchat has been holding talks with several media companies that includes newspapers, magazines, television networks for a new service for disappearing ads called Snapchat discovery that will debut this year.

According to a report by The Verge, Snapchat has already run its first ad on its disappearing messaging app which was a trailer of a new 2014 horror movie – Ouija.

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