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5G Internet: FCC to explore much faster spectrum bands above 24GHz

The technology is evolving at a leopard pace and there is an ample of room for advancements. It was recently that the 4G services became popular among people and catered to many gadget lovers. The FCC has pulled up its sleeve now to explore the 5G services. The mobile browsing is about to become faster than ever very soon.5g-internet-spectrum

The FCC has voted for starting up the process of opening up new parts of the spectrum for 5G. This is definitely the very next step in the world of wireless communication. The vote has been cast at the open meeting on Friday. The FCC has already started to plan in advance on how to distribute the license for the frequencies.

Jessica Rosenworcel, the FCC Commissioner said, “We are moving from networks designed for analog voice to networks designed for high-speed digital data, so how do we meet these demands? We look up. Way, way, up. To infinity and beyond.” She stated these words at the meeting of the Federal Communications Commission.

The steps are being taken by the FCC already in the direction, but the services may not arrive the scene very soon. There are several years to go before 5G frequencies would come into motion. However, it is a great strategy for the FCC members to think ahead of the time and chalk out its plan.

Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, said, “We are pleased the Commission is responding to the forward-looking recommendation of the FCC’s Technological Advisory Council by initiating an exploration into how high-band spectrum can be used to support next generation mobile wireless services,” And we note the Commission continues its hard work to ensure a successful TV broadcast spectrum incentive auction. With these and a myriad of other spectrum actions, the FCC is supporting technological innovation and creating a path forward for continued economic growth. We look forward to reviewing the items and working with the FCC to allocate more licensed and unlicensed spectrum for new and innovative uses.”

The 5G research is considered to be great news for the fast paced technology world and we will have to wait and see how quickly it comes into play.

Earlier this month, Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the fastest wireless in the world. The research and development head at Samsung, Kim Chang Yong, revealed in a statement that they have accelerated data transmission by five times the present wireless speed. It is called 60GHz Wi-Fi technology. If this comes out, then you will have transmission speeds up to 4.6Gbps, which is five times the top wireless speeds we have right now. The speed which the networks claim theoretically were never achieved, but with this significantly accelerated technology actual speeds will be 10 times faster as stated by Samsung.

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