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IBM Cloud Services focus more on Internet of Things

IBM has made its intentions of marketing Bluemix cloud services for the Internet of Things (IoT) clear to the world. It will be made possible through IBM Internet of Things Foundation service. The service is a part of the Smarter Planet Initiative.ibm-cloud-service-bluemix

The firm has claimed that IBM Internet of Things Foundation will enable the developer to help extend the internet connected device to the IBM Bluemix cloud. It will be followed by building an application to gather the data and send real time insights to the business of the developer.

The Bluemix cloud services are promoted by IBM and are portrayed as an open standard cloud platform for building, managing and operating many kinds of applications for the web, mobile, big data and smart devices.

Big Blue has stated that its Internet of Things Foundation service, “delivers rapid access to, and provides valuable insights from, IoT device data coming from billions of internet-connected sensors and controllers”.

IDC has estimated that there are 9 billion IOT devices that exist in the world. 28 billion devices are actually expected to arrive the scene by 2020, which is a whopping figure.

The Vice President of IBM Internet of Things Foundation, Mr. John Thompson stated, “Think of the IoT Foundation as an extremely fast on-ramp to the cloud for the millions of intelligent IoT devices that are now being shipped, and the billions already internet connected.”

The IBM Bluemix cloud services are available to the developers around the world and IBM Internet of Things Foundation will be available from 21 October.

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