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With iTunes and Soundcloud, Twitter introduced Audio Cards

Twitter powers your tweets with music. Now you can click and instantly listen to music embedded and tweeted on the micro-blogging site. This audio enhancement is the result of Twitter’s partnership with iTunes and Soundcloud. These third-party streaming applications come handy in this. An audio card can be placed as a tweet and you can listen as well as browse other information at the same time.twitter-audio-cards

The feature is being tested with artists rolling out their new remixes and audios via Soundcloud on Twitter. The ability to play a tweet is giving it immense applause. Noe people will not have to switch experiences in order to listen to the song posted by the artist. The play button on the audio card enables instant play and you can even enjoy other media like pictures without interrupting the audio.

”The world’s most influential musicians and media producers already share unique audio content through Twitter every day. Today we’re introducing a new way for you to experience audio directly on Twitter,” said the official blog of Twitter.

Music is just a tap away and even invaluable podcasts are also being launched with this Soundcloud partnership. Streaming content and media is going to another level with Audio cards on Twitter.

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Features of Easy to Audio Cards:

  1. Whenever you see any audio embedded in a tweet? Just tap or click on it to play. It plays instantly.
  2. While you enjoy the song you can traverse along other content and tweets simultaneously. You do not have to wait for it to finish or travel to another window to listen from now.
  3. You can view images and art, without disturbing the audio being played. The streaming is flawless and you can enjoy listening to the audio cards.

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