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Gamergate: Eruption of “Bullying” in the gamers community

The Entertainment Software Association has lashed out at Gamergate, an online campaign that targets women or users related to video games by threatening them, revealing their private information or by use of force. The campaign has drawn flak for targeting mainly women developers and gamers onlineGAMERGATE

ESA, the producers of E3 are urging the Gamergate supporters to stop harassing users in the gaming community. Recently the #Gamergate hashtag was trending on social media sites for gamers to speak out against the gaming media. Anita Sarkeesian, a game columnist received a “massacre” threat if she went on to talk at a university.

Anita Sarkeesian has been publishing photos of her threats, most of them which are sexual in nature. She has moved to a another home after a reportedly founder her address while an awards show was also threatened if they presented the prize to her.

“There is no place in the video game community — or our society — for personal attacks or threats,” said E3 organizer.

The ESA consist of leading game publishers like Activision,  Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nintendo of America and play a main in role for lobbies in Washington  The statement by ESA come after a the hashtag #stopgamergate2014 trended on Twitter for stopping the campaign. By Wednesday more than 90,000 tweets were generated  to bring an end to the gamergate campaign.

The games body has stated that threats and violence are wrong and must be stopped. The gamergate supporters might emerge as a black mark in the gaming community as they target mainly women developers, gamers along with sexual harassment. Though the hashtag #gamergate on social-media sites spoke against the campaign many felt that it was used again to harass the users.

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