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Twitter experiments: Strangers’ tweets in timeline

Tweeples are bothered again and this time the Twittosphere itself is responsible for it. Twitter, the micro-blogging site, has altered it’s timeline policy. The new policy adds tweets to your timeline, which Twitter thinks might interest you. Tweets from people and accounts you don’t even follow are appearing since the policy change. This strange activity is in the site’s own spirit or experimentation and evolution as the official blog post revealed.twitter_primary-100042755-gallery

But the Twitter audience doesn’t like the unusual clutter on their timelines. The site is trying to control the information users see on its timeline, like the social media site Facebook, which shows highly targeted content. Users get bored via such tactics and tend to miss out on the fun of interaction and friendships.

The home timeline change extends interaction and Twiter experience. The users have a choice to follow accounts they like and best tweets mostly come from the people they know and follow. But often important, relevant and useful information comes from other accounts as well. Twitter has been testing its timeline and the activity signals that people have been positive towards recommended tests, accounts and topics shared like this before. This policy change is for all the user-base of the micro-blogging site and is a big step towards a better way to evolve the home timeline.

According the official blog,” To help you keep up with what’s happening, we’ve been testing ways to include these Tweets in your timeline — ones we think you’ll find interesting or entertaining.

The new kind of content, which users consider unwanted may or may not be useful to them. This attempt and new strategy seems to be a new feature that might help the right kind of information reach to the increasing userbase of the site properly.

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