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Google Fiber set to reach Austin by this December

After facing several delays, Google Fiber Internet Service is set to roll out in Austin, Texas by this December. Google announced that consumers in the south and the south-east region of Austin will be able to sign-up for the service from December.google-fiber-austin

Google had initially planned to launch the service in the region in 2013 but was delayed by acquiring permits, regulation and planning. The high-speed internet service will be gradually extended to other regions in Austin. The delay allowed AT&T U-verse to launch the Fiber internet in the region first. Consumers can pre-register online for $10 if the required number of households (5 and 25 percent) is reached.

“We’ll expand from there- over time, all of Austin will have a chance to sign-up for gigabit speeds,” said Google.

The California-based company is in the process of “heavy construction” in the region for providing the service. The pricing will be similar to the plans in Kansas City, where the Google Fiber service was provided first. Google urges consumers to sigh up for the service before they arrive in the form of “Fiberhoods” as it would decide the future plans for the service. Kansas City did reach the required number of households, but have been offered a second chance.

Google aims to provide the Fiber service in three dozen other cities and the company is also working on a wireless version of Google Fiber. Reports indicated that the company had filed an application to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to test wireless spectrums in California along with the less-used millimeter-wave frequency.Mark Strama, head of Google Fiber Austin mentioned that 5mbps speed will be offered for a $300 construction fee for home connectivity.

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