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BBM messenger will be available in Apple store before this September end

It’s time to bring out BBM service to global audience across multiple platform. Senior Product Manager of BlackBerry-Alex Kinsella stated in twitter “BBM application for iOS store or Apple store is waiting for approval”. It is confirmed BlackBerry messenger will be available in Apple store before the end of summer season.

BBM service

BlackBerry make BBM service available as the premium multi-platform messaging solution all around the globe and even better, it’s free for all. So at launch, BlackBerry messenger supported for iPhone running on iOS 6 and Android device. Messenger is fully featured with messaging and group chat. And the BlackBerry brand will also roll-out update, which support BBM voice, screen share, video and image sharing and BBM channel.

Recently, a video was posted suggest, how experience BlackBerry messenger in Android device. BBM works very well in Android device and it support NFC technology to add contact or sharing with the help of Android Beam. And we can attach different photo directly from gallery or by snapping images using camera. Overall, BBM is very impressive while functioning and there is no major issue so far.

Finally, it is confirmed BlackBerry messaging apps will rollout in officially before end of this September. Now BlackBerry enable to text or messaging service to other users (Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android). Soon after release, application will be available in Android play store and Apple store. There may be huge competition among other mobile messaging platform such as WhatsApp, Wechat and Line apps. But when it comes to Apple, BBM compete with iMessage of Apple which allows to send free message with the help of internet. Moreover, BlackBerry trying to make BBM to meet users over the world by adding new stuff.

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