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Snapchat leaks: Latest victim is the reality show winner George Sampson

Incidents of online hackers invading privacy by hacking applications and posting the personal content on forums to piss off celebrities are increasing day by day. Snapchat the latest victim of this scam, when hackers posted more than 100,000 photos on the forum 4chan. Most of them had compromised nude content, which was sent as snaps by the users.snapchat-leak-george-sampson

The company blamed third-party applications for the bad news, but the security researchers reported that it was Snapchat’s fault. The company neglected the flaw for many years and now is responsible for the hack and compromising sensitive information.

The last few months seem to be really tough for many celebrities as they are being targeted by hacker groups. The private images or snaps this time created problems fro Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson. The leak shows the dancing star naked in many explicit poses. The application is very popular among teenagers and many violate messaging by sexting. The snaps which actually get deleted from Snapchat servers after the recipient has seen them, hurt everyone after the hackers made them public.

After ‘the Snappening‘ mishap the company has urged its users not to provide login credentials to any third party apps, because they are responsible for fetching private snaps. The official Snapchat blog post said,”When you give your login credentials to a third-party application, you’re allowing a developer, and possibly a criminal, to access your account information and send information on your behalf.”

For those who use the Snapchat application must know that the native application has not been compromised and you are safe to use it. But you must not share details with any other look alike apps.

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