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Anonabox, a Tor router Kickstarter project raises over $600K

The freedom to access internet is something we all crave. We do not realize its importance until we are pinned down with restraint of any kind. The technically intelligent can get around and fix it via proxy servers and VPN hacks, but that is not the same case with journalists or common people, like those who wanted to access Twitter in Egypt. Services get banned in the country, but people do not get the freedom to use them if they really want to. The freedom of internet access is the motivation behind this Kickstarter campaign, Anonabox a device that can bypass internet censorship and bring internet access to everyone using it.anonabox-anonymous-router

The anti-censorship box Kickstarter campaign was started by August Germar on October 12 and it has raised more than half a million dollars in just 4 days. The original pledge was just $7500 but hackers and many others who loved the concept of the router have continued to pledge. Pledging $45 or more can get you a fully-functional Anonabox and a mention on their website if you pledge right now.

A group of networking professionals, who cared about this problem and were experts in dealing with ISP’s, security and network functionality, developed a box for uninterrupted internet access. The box is a fully functional, tiny Wi-Fi router. It is plug and play device that runs an open source software Tor, to establish anonymity.

All things are encrypted to keep you safe and your personal data are hidden. The anonabox works to provide you internet access without any censorship. Tor is also used wisely as the first aim is to protect the user credential and do not compromise on security. Anonabox works this out and gives you encrypted Tor network access.

The Kickstarter project of anonabox is currently backed by more than 9100 backers and has raised around $600,000.

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