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Google’s Android Lollipop, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 are official now

The time of the year when Google charms everyone with its latest offerings that it promised at the I/O event few months back. The much awaited Android version 5 is here and continuing with the traditional naming convention based on desserts, this one is called Lollipop. As far as the new devices are concerned Google unveiled a smartphone and a tablet. Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 will bring Android Lollipop to the world. The brand new OS will also be updated on other Nexus devices in a few weeks. Read on to unravel the three new announcements and see what’s in store for you.google-nexus-9-6-android-lollipop

Android’s new version is crafted to run on more than just the conventional devices. It can run smoothly on watches and other gear too. The media from all your android phone and tablets can be synced with each other and even your recent searches can be synced too. This means you never miss out on anything and one software is there to power you up.

The newly introduced fluid, purposeful motion works great. The software also makes the device more playful for gamers and convenient in terms of sharing for those who use it for work as well. Special ways to manage your notifications and quick setting controls with just one swipe are the key highlights of Lollipop.

Coming to Nexus 6, the smartphone goes by the name as far as its size is concerned. It has a 6-inch screen and is the first mobile phone to run Android L. The bigger HD display is a treat to the user as you can get more done with your phone.

The trust this brand has built is phenomenal and with Motorola as the maker, you have all things Google in your hand. The 13MP camera comes with pre-installed Google camera, can take epic shots. The phone has built-in Adreno 420 GPU for high-end graphics. Also with Motorola’s Turbo Charger, it takes only just 15 minutes of charging to make it run up to 6 hours.

The tablet Nexus 9 is a great offering too. Besides getting the Android Lollipop, this slim and curvy tablet has metal on the sides. The look is pleasing and the specifications will make you take it home right now. 8.9 inch screen serves a dual purpose – you can both take it anywhere and sit at one place and work on it.

Nexus 9 has a great camera, well equipped battery and an NVIDIA Tegra 2.3 GHz processor. It is available in both 16GB and 32GB variants with three colors to select from. Go for it if you love a sleek and sturdy look, want the same machine to both work and entertain yourself.

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