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Samsung GALAXY NOTE 4: A mixed response from reviewers

Samsung’s 4th generation Galaxy Note phablet is out this week, which got a mixed response from all the major tech and gadget reviewers out there. A smartphone cum tablet for its screen size is 5.7 inches, it is even bigger than its contemporary from Apple, iPhone 6 Plus. While the later just got a size increase, Samsung’s latest Note 4 is exceptionally good. The specs are better than the Note 3 and is expected to be a success in the market for the Korean maker.Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4

The phablet runs on Qualcomm 2.7 GHz Snapdragon 805 with a 3GB RAM, which is the top rated processor available. The 5.7 inch AMOLED, capacitive screen can display up to 16 million colors. Despite the pixel density of 515 ppi, Galaxy Note 4 screen looks way better to the eyes. Android OS 4.4, KitKat runs smooth.

The 13MP camera is every bit great if you want to take shots and keep them. For professional photographers, they can surely stay with their equipment, but everybody else will appreciate the great lens, autofocus and LED flash. The 1080p are a delight to watch and you can entertain yourself for hours. Video calls are easy with the 3.7MP front camera.

Note 4’s internal memory is 32GB and you can extend it by using a microSD card. The phone weighs around 176 grams and has a 3,220mAh battery. It can charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes. Impressive battery for a phone this big. Like all Note series phones, the stylus is here again. The bigger phone is easily manageable with the cool stylus pen. The phone follows the standard Samsung design from the front, but the sides host an Aluminium frame. The top cuts a 3.5 mm jack for headphones and the bottom has a microUSB port.

All in all, the lavish phone is no short of great innovation. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is now available for pre-order in the United States and it will be available in the market, this Friday, October 17th, for the subscribers of all four major carriers in the US. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price starts at $299.99 with a two-year service contract, or you can buy through any of the installment plan as well. The full retail price varies from $699.99 to $825.99 depending on the carrier you choose.


Verdicts from major reviewers:


Finally, while unrelated to the form factor itself, the Galaxy Note 4’s OIS has significant implications for low light performance and video quality. In practice Samsung’s OIS solution has a large accommodation angle and works well, although the use of OIS is closer to continuous rather in limited situations like on the iPhone 6 Plus. The use of OIS also makes it possible to go from the rather poor low light experience that we saw with the Galaxy S5 to a competitive one in the Note 4. While it isn’t quite as good as the iPhone 6 Plus in low light, it makes up for it with higher resolution for daytime photography and similar situations where the 1.1 micron pixels aren’t really a limitation.


The Galaxy Note 4 is the best large phone on the market. It’s a device you’ll be proud to whip out in public, thanks to its elegant design, robust build, beautiful screen, impressive battery life and solid camera. It also excels from a productivity standpoint, offering seamless multitasking and stylus functionality that’s as smooth as I’ve ever seen on a smartphone. And despite its large size, Samsung has nailed the one-handed experience better than the competition. There’s certainly a benefit to drawing from years of experience in this category: What began as an oddity three years ago has now evolved into a powerful tool at the top of its class.

The Wall Street Journal:

Yet no other phone maker can deliver such a clear vision of why the future will be written on these smartphone-tablet hybrids. It may not meet my high aesthetic standards, software-wise, but multitasking on that big, beautiful display makes the Note feel more productive and powerful than any other phablet out there. Even the iPhone 6 Plus. This is the best phone I have seen from Samsung in a long time—maybe ever.


The Galaxy Note 4 builds on an already strong product with improvements to key features like design and display. But with competitors knocking on the door, Samsung will need to make some bolder moves.


On top of everything else, the Note 4 touts a sleek design, solid construction and a somewhat premium feel. These are not things you can say about most Samsung phones.

ARS Technica:

It’s a new year and new iteration, but this is much the same old Note. If you like the Note 3, you’ll like the Note 4. It doesn’t offer much for upgraders, but much of the industry is on a yearly cycle. Samsung seemingly had to release something, so it did


Its specs and design undeniably put the Note 4 near the top of the food chain, though some rival phones have sexier builds and competitive performance, and often take cleaner, more reliable low-light and indoor shots. While the hardware is a step up from the Note 3, changes aren’t dramatic enough to warrant an immediate upgrade.

The Verge:

The Note 4 is the first Samsung phone I’ve ever truly enjoyed using. It’s not just a huge curiosity, though it is certainly that; it’s not just powerful, though that’s true too. It’s an excellent phone inside and out, the first Note that combines design, power, and performance in one package.

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