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Will.i.am’s Smartwatch is expected to launch on October 16

Smartwatches are roaring loud in the market arena since the announcement of Apple Watch. There is another debutant for smartwatches this season and that is Black Eyed Peas rapper, Will.i.am. The rapper is going to launch his smartwatch officially on October 16. It is actually the same day that Apple has scheduled a media event.will.i.am-smartwatch

The Black Eyed Peas rapper showcased his watch in April this year and also flaunted the same watch during the concluding season of “The Voice” in the UK. The rapper voiced that his watch works as a mobile phone too, and that he does not need to bring his mobile phone everywhere.

He compared his watch with Apple Watch and concluded that Apple’s watch would be the best tethered watch while his smartwatch would be the top untethered watch. He announced that the watch does not need to be paired with a mobile phone for making calls which is a necessity in case of Apple watch.

Will.i.am’s watch is supposed to possess the capacity to store music too and the songs can be heard through the Bluetooth earphones. Social apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also be worked out on his watch. Hence, Will.i.am’s smartwatch is a revolutionary watch that will change the way people perceive smartwatches.

Will.i.am serves as the director of creative innovation at Intel and also helps the company to develop phones, tablets and other devices. The smartwatch company, however, is said to be found and funded by him.

Will.i.am has a great following among the fans and his popularity may impact the sales of his smartwatch. We will just have to wait and see.

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