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Flight attendants seek strict gadget rules

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA has sought to reinstate the ban on gadgets during takeoff and landing and has sued the Federal Aviation Administration’s new rules on their usage. Flight attendants felt that the relaxed rules are causing passengers to ignore in-flight instructions.flight-attendants

The situation could become worse in emergency situations as the attendants claim that the devices could become dangerous projectiles in turbulent conditions. Last year in October, the FAA had created rules for usage of devices during all stages of flight and found that it did not interfere with a plane’s navigation or communication system. The association with a strength of 60,000 members stated that the lives of passengers could be in danger if they do not know the location of emergency exits. A lawyer for the government told the Judges at US Court of Appeals that the devices are not more dangerous than books during takeoff.

“Essentially, we want to set the reset button to the way personal devices were handled prior to Oct. 2013,” said Amanda Dure, a representative of the union.

The report from Associated Press revealed that the suit was filed in December and also requested a letter from 77 house members that called for a review on the FCC’s plans to update the rules regarding smart phone use on planes. The FCC has proposed that smartphones could use the cell phone network, including Wi-Fi but the “airline would be in total control” of mobile services used on-board. Attendants will restrict voice calls and monitor the web surfing, emailing and texting. However the union is partly satisfied with a rule that prevents use of cell phone while takeoff and landing though it can be turned on.

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