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The next Apple TV: What to expect?

The most recent version of Apple TV is already 2 years old and this certainly calls for an immediate upgrade for the users of the 2014 era, and most importantly, the Apple event is nearing. Although the Apple TV has added quite a few applications to its services, but there has not been any significant upgrades delivered to the customers. Thus, what is clearly needed from the iPhone makers is a change in the hardware parts like the processor, transmitter, etc.. The current Apple TV uses the same A5 processor as used in iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Considering improvement technology has had, the parts are very much ancient.apple-tv

There has been quite a growth in the number of rumors pointing towards the time for a new Apple TV box. One of the main reasons is because the demand is surely growing and at the same time the number of providers as well. The experts believe that in case Apple Inc. does not change with the evolution, Apple TV might just end up facing similar condition like iPhone. Now the question is, what kind of change does Apple need to bring in?

Here are a few things that Apple TV can adapt:

1. The first and the most important things of all is the look. There have been rumors since an eternity now that Apple Inc. is looking forward to produce an actual TV. You might think that a USB stick as in the case of Rocky and Chromecast is the way to go, but that will reduce two big features that Apple TV has presently. Although the USB stick will reduce the size of the streaming device considerably, but will not allow the users to add ethernet or optical digital audio to the device. Thus, the best way to keep the box intact and look forward to add more features to it.

2. Do not try to replace the original TV. The truth is that the existence of Television allows the growth of video streaming devices. The trouble that television has, persuades the users to go for streaming options like Apple TV or Chromecast. In case, the streaming devices look to erase the existence of TV, trouble can follow as it might be difficult to meet the needs. Plus, video streaming devices are not TVs and thus Apple TV should look stay as a video streaming device only.

3. Add games and more applications. The addition of more application will certainly act as an incentive for Apple TV and thus it is one of the most desired thing. On the other hand, the addition of a gaming console might just not be a bad idea. As we have seen with Amazon’s Fire TV, the addition of ‘games’ is not that great an issue. Apple Inc. can surely use its tie-up with various companies to develop games for Apple TV.

Apart from these, Apple Inc. is well-known for the quality. In this era, the users might just be delighted to be presented with a better interface and a touch screen remote. All of this is not an impossible task for Apple, but we will have to wait and see to how Apple reacts.

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