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Google takes the Oracle copyright case to the Supreme Court

The Java copyright case between Google and Oracle has entered another level with U.S Supreme Court being involved. Google is expected to overturn the pages of lower court’s ruling by filing a petition in the Supreme Court.oracle-java-google-android

The ruling of the lower court restricted Google to employ the Java programming language and use them because they had been copyrighted by Oracle. This language is being used by Google in Android operating systems. These Android operating systems are becoming the need of the hour with big companies like Samsung, HTC, Lenovo involved with it.

Oracle is looking to fetch close to $1 billion in its claims for the copyright. Oracle in the case against Google argues that Google’s Android has violated 37 of the Java API’s. On the other hand, Google opinionates that API’s do not need to be considered for creative creations and should be part of an open source pool.

Earlier, the San Francisco judge fared the decision against Oracle’s claim but the U.S. Court of Appeals has gone in favor of Oracle again.

Google wrote, “Early computer companies could have blocked vast amounts of technological development by claiming 95-year copyright monopolies over the basic building blocks of computer design and programming”.

The case has heated up now and there is great tension among both the camps of Google and Oracle. However, only time will tell who wins the case.

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