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Microsoft updates Skype for Windows and Mac with a new chat interface

Skype is the lifeline of people who are separated by a distance. Its interface has remained the same for a long time, but now it’s time for some change. Microsoft has introduced a new chatting interface in Skype for Windows and Mac and it would resemble the Windows Phone version.skype-desktop-clients

The 7.0 version of Skype was announced for Mac together with the new earlier version for the Windows desktops. Both of these versions boasted a substantial number of features, improvements in productivity and so on. There was a breathtaking feature in the Mac version in which the user could chat and talk simultaneously. However, there are an ample of loopholes too, which annoy most users.

Tom Huang, Skype executive wrote in the blog post, “For the last year we’ve dedicated a lot of time to refresh the chat experience in Skype. We’ve brought more improvements to the desktop”.

On the smartphones, scrolling is actually fun, but it can turn awry for a PC. The new interface for Skype would need to affect some changes in order to satiate most of their users. However, any confirmation about the amendments has not been made by Skype yet, but we can expect the new Skype app to be made considering the usage on PC in mind.


The new user interface of Skype looks pretty and it has round avatars that represent your friends. The pictures can be easily dropped on to the chat session. The layout, however, needs some changes as it takes over the conversations.

There are more updates being promised by the Skype team in near future. The feedback from users will be responded by the team soon. We just need to wait and check when.

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