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Microsoft Windows 10 TP: A new OS distribution model

The last few months of 2014 mark the arrival of latest operating system from Microsoft. The company has jumped tradition of naming their latest Windows as Windows 10 and not 9. The previous version was Windows 8 and people were expecting the newer version to be called Windows 9. The company rolled out a technical preview for users to experience what’s in store for them. The operating system will be released worldwide in 2015. The Technical Preview is available on the official Microsoft site. Anyone can download and install the Windows 10 preview and try out the all new environment packages.microsoft-windows-10

The changes and upgrades in the new version of Microsoft’s OS include a quick and easy installation process on all the devices. You can just download the ISO from the site and boot it with the help of a USB. Two versions in the preview have been released for consumers to preview. One is technical preview and another is enterprise.

The company is open about the feedback and users, so there will be more of worldwide testers for the upcoming OS. Windows 10 bug reports and feedback is welcomed with open arms. The user experience is similar to that of Windows 8 and there is the good old start button too. The design will charm the tablets and touchscreen users more as the tiles and buttons look amazing. Also, it has a quadrant snap mode where you can have up to four display screens on your desktop. Windows 10 has built-in vertical divisions that assist in displaying more snaps. A big screen is all you need to enjoy this properly. Once you get used to these you can multitask very easily.

Upgrades include Virtual Desktop manager and WinRT development, which are the highlights of the technical preview. All of this makes one thing clear that Microsoft’s is building a great product, which will live up to the legacy behind it.

Best features of Windows 10:

  • Resizable Start Menu: The start menu in Windows 10 is adaptive, when apps are added to the start menu, the start menu resizes it all by itself. You can also resize the start menu to make it taller or broader as per your wish by just dragging it.
  • Windowed Apps: This is a welcome add-on to the new operating system, with new Windows 10, all the Windows applications from the market place will run in windowed mode.
  • Four Windows Simultaneously: You can do split multitasking with up to 4 apps by Just drag them to the corners. This will allow you to run 4 different apps in the Windows 10 operating system.
  • Suggestion by Assist for Snap Apps: As soon as you snap a window to the corner, you will be assisted for suggestions to snap other available apps.
  • Click here to learn about more features of Windows 10.

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  1. Lipstick on a pig.
    And as prolific. A new.rollout every few years that makes us all relearn the screen and warmed over programs and nothing more.
    Bill has tons of money and should.give something back to all us who are.forced buy his half finished junk.

  2. Did I miss the new distribution model part?

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