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Windows Phone GD3 update will bring screen rotation & driving mode

A guy posted in a popular forum with screenshots, which says he got a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 handset from Craigslist (according to the WP Central forum post) with latest General Distribution 3 update (GD3) with more features as dreamed by existing Windows Phone users such as screen rotations, driving mode and much more.


Microsoft is currently in preparation for the rollout of new GD3 update for Windows Phone smartphones, which is preferably developed and designed for upcoming devices like Nokia Lumia 1520 with large display, moreover adds more features to existing hardware.

We have the screenshots, which show the Driving Mode, which gives you the ability to auto mute calls/texts when in Bluetooth paired mode in a car and you can also manually set it via options. Like android, the new update also provides the multitasking window to close any apps from the same view. Most dreamed feature of WP by it’s existing users is screen rotation, which is also available in the next update. Custom sounds on text, email, voice mail, reminders and apps is also being developed by the company, which is the key feature missing in existing software. Last but not least, you will have the option to restore frrom backup using WiFi during the initial setup of the Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Check the video below, which shows the features of new update and don’t miss those screenshots posted by the user.

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