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Devices in police custody are being remotely wiped by the culprits

If your Smartphone falls into the hand of a wrong person, then the first things that come to your mind is how to wipe out all the secret information that you have stored on your device. This is not unnatural, but more often than not people are unable to erase the stuffs. The trouble is much more in case, the device and all the information on its lands into the wrong hand in the field of law. Although the normal individuals have to the actual need to erase data in case of seizures, but with criminals and fugitives, data on their devices often prove to be extremely helpful.smartphone-police-custody

According to the reports, the data on these devices are being wiped out remotely without any touching it. The act of remotely erasing the data on a device is not completely unknown. The procedure has been followed by both good people as well as the bad ones often. But in the recent times, with the advent of technology, the scenario has worsened. The data can be erased via various applications and cloud storage accounts, etc..

Speaking about one case, a spokeswoman for Derbyshire police told the BBC:

“We can’t share many details about it, but the case concerned romance fraud, and a phone involved with the investigation was remotely wiped. It did not impact upon the investigation, and we went on to secure a conviction.”

Although, the police and various other forces do keep the devices in a radio frequency shielded box, but the sad thing is that the removal of data is being done even more swiftly. According to the reports, various departments and forces have claimed that the data from an electronic device was erased before they can actually put the device in a radio frequency shielded bag. This can lead to loss of various important issues related to evidences in the future leading to many complications. The forces are looking forward to find a cure for this.

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